Top 3 Houston Dentists For Cosmetic Blue Light Tooth Whitening Announced In This Bellaire Report


Top 3 Houston Dentists For Cosmetic Blue Light Tooth Whitening Announced In This Bellaire Report

The top three dentists around Houston for teeth whitening with a blue light have been revealed in a new report. It showcases the benefits of blue light tooth whitening, and where to go for the best practices.

September 09, 2017 ( – A new dental report has been launched for patients around the Houston, Texas, Bellaire areas, focusing on the benefits of tooth whitening using blue light, and the top three dentists who can provide the service. The report emphasizes that this blue light teeth whitening process is where bleaching gel, containing hydrogen peroxide, is applied to the teeth, and an activation lamp emits blue light that triggers the gel.

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One of the benefits of this blue light process is that the activation lamp itself triggers the gel, and the lamp doesn’t emit heat. This means that patients won’t be left feeling uncomfortable by any hot light from the procedure.

This helps to ensure that patients have peace of mind while sitting through the routine, and can leave happy in the knowledge that they’ve received the best tooth whitening treatment available for their needs in the Texas area.

As part of the process, the tooth whitening gel enters the enamel of the teeth and lifts the stains, giving the patient a brighter, healthier looking smile. This, in turn, can boost the self confidence of the patient.

The report indicates that studies have proven blue LED accelerator lights used for teeth whitening can accelerate the bleaching process. The whitening gel reacts with the lights, which speeds up oxidization, thereby breaking the stains on the teeth.

For satisfactory results, all cosmetic dentists in Houston, Texas and Bellaire use these LED lights, particularly when using carbamide peroxide whitening gels.

Other methods of teeth whitening depend on heat, which doesn’t have the same effect, and can often lead to the patient feeling uncomfortable during the process. In addition to this, the old fashioned lights can also burn soft tissue, the gums and the lips.

The report covers the different teeth whitening gels available, and goes through their pros and cons, so that patients in the local area can make the most informed decision about their treatment.

Full details of the top three dentists who can be contacted for tooth whitening services around Houston can be found on the URL above.

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