NuWynd: A Remarkable Invention in the Medical Sciences launches Indiegogo Campaign


NuWynd: A Remarkable Invention in the Medical Sciences launches Indiegogo Campaign

Now Seeking Community Support via Indiegogo, NuWynd is a Solution to Help Millions of Physically Disables People Worldwide!

August 24, 2017 ( – NuWynd is a remarkable invention in the world of medical sciences to help all those who cannot walk by themselves. The platform will help the physically disabled to stand up again and move without falling. Besides preventing falls, NuWynd will also be a great assistant for all the caregivers out there who are concerned about the physical well-being of their loved ones who are physically disabled. The creators of this project are now seeking community support for this inspiring initiative and they are welcoming everyone to help and support them via Indiegogo.

The goal of this crowdfunding campaign launched by Greater Mobility Inc. is to raise $50,000. The platform comes with several great features to assist the disabled in their everyday mobility. Moreover, it has hidden wheels that roll and can be taken anywhere with ease. Furthermore, it securely compresses down to the ground and doesn’t move when someone steps on it.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can participate in this inspiring project that has been created to help people walk again. From $1 to $3000, supporters can choose from a wide range of pledges available on this Indiegogo campaign and more details are available on the campaign page. 

NuWynd is an all new and scientifically advanced walker that will help people suffering from physical disabilities to walk again. The creators of this project have created something truly extraordinary and they are now welcoming the community to participate in this project and help others. The project is therefore seeking community support on Indiegogo and anyone from around the world can help the humanity by making pledges and donations generously. 


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