Ian Leaf Announces Release of New Inspirery Interview


Ian Leaf Announces Release of New Inspirery Interview

Ian Leaf is announcing the publication of an expansive and wide-ranging interview in which he serves as the featured subject. Leaf, the founder of Ian Leaf, The Fraud Watcher, was recently interviewed by Inspirery, a digital publication that often features interviews with inspiring professionals and entrepreneurs.

June 10, 2016 ( datsyn.com)Ian Leaf of Ian Leaf Inc., The Fraud Watcher, is announcing the release and publication of a detailed interview conducted by Inspirery. Leaf, a fraud prevention specialist who has worked diligently to resolve fraudulent behavior affecting businesses in all industries, granted the interview request with the specific goal of raising greater awareness regarding the extent of fraudulent behavior and the strategies available to prevent or resolve the potential consequences.

In the interview, Leaf’s professional endeavors and his many successes are reviewed in detail before his current venture, Ian Leaf, The Fraud Watcher, is discussed with a refreshing degree depth that allows readers to understand the work ethic possessed by a truly dedicated entrepreneur such as Leaf.

“It’s always a pleasure to discuss the work I do for clients of my firm, but my primary goal in agreeing to be a part of this interview was simply to raise greater awareness of the far-reaching impact of fraud and how fraud often goes unnoticed,” said Leaf. “The profit loss caused by fraudulent activity is absolutely stunning, and there are simply too many hard-working individuals who will not realize they are being affected until extensive damage has already been done.”

In addition to discussing the potential impact of fraud on businesses across all industries and the reasons fraud often goes undetected for lengthy periods of time, Leaf also talks about many of the challenges he has faced in his role and offers a great deal of insight into how he has achieved so much throughout his professional career. A consummate professional, Leaf’s answers are consistently thoughtful and detailed, providing readers with a unique look into the fraud prevention industry.

Ian Leaf is the founder and principal investigator for Ian Leaf, The Fraud Watcher, a company dedicated to fraud prevention, identification and resolution.

Leaf has long been dedicated to the complete eradication of profit loss caused by fraudulent behavior, which is why his company offers strategies designed to prevent fraud before it occurs.


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