David R. Gray Jr. Featured in New Rookstool Real Estate Interview


David R. Gray Jr. Featured in New Rookstool Real Estate Interview

David R. Gray, Jr., is announcing the immediate release of a new interview in which he is featured for his expertise in real estate law. The interview featuring Gray, a Chicago-area attorney and real estate expert, is available for immediate review through the Rookstool Real Estate publication.

June 08, 2016 ( datsyn.com) – Chicago attorney and real estate legal expert David R. Gray, Jr., is announcing the publication of a new interview with Rookstool Real Estate. As the subject of the newly released interview, Gray provides unique insight into his responsibilities as the general counsel for Wheeler Financial as well as his expertise with regard to the Greater Chicago real estate market. Lengthy and thoroughly detailed, Gray’s interview with Rookstool Real Estate represents a rare educational opportunity for anyone interested in the legal field, the real estate industry, and the manner in which the two often overlap.

The interview is currently available to readers at rookstoolrealestate.com/david-r-gray-jr/, with the content spanning a wide range of subjects that include everything from Gray’s academic preferences to the manner in which his early work experiences influenced the future course he would take as a professional. Gray, a registered title agent who maintains a heavy caseload, took great care to offer thoughtful and thorough responses to the interviewer’s questions, with the result being an enlightening look into the career of one of Chicago’s most respected attorneys and real estate experts.

“I feel it is important to share all of those varied influencing factors that ultimately play a role in shaping one’s future professional endeavors, and I hope that this interview can be of some help to an aspiring attorney or an aspiring real estate investor,” said Gray. “I’m always pleased to offer my insight into my professional areas of expertise, which is why I’ve accepted so many requests for interviews over the years.”

Gray, who has also written extensively on the subject of Chicago real estate as well as on the subject of real estate law for a variety of publications, has indeed been a prolific interviewee and is also responsible for co-authoring multiple chapters of the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education Real Estate Taxation Handbook.

David R. Gray, Jr., is a Chicago attorney specializing in real estate law and litigation. Gray, a member of both the Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association, is the founder of The Law Offices of David R. Gray, Jr., Ltd., and also serves as the general counsel for Wheeler Financial, Inc.


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